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Your business needs an IT partner who not only has the right expertise but also got the zeal to roll up their sleeves and solve your IT infrastructure related issues.

Analogue Inc. will be the one-stop destination upgrading your business to the next level.

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Designs to choose from

Analogue Express Web Services

Modern, sleek and hand-crafted websites to choose from

Analogue Express Web Services

Analogue Express ensures you to stand out from the crowd and establish a strong web presence to bring high web traffic within a brief time frame with affordable cost.

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About Us

Who we are and how we came to be

People often wonder about our name.. What does Analogue mean? Why Analogue? Why did you go for this name for your company? Does it have any meaning?

Well actually Yes.. Yes, we do...

Analogue comes from the ancient greek word Analogos which means using signals or information represented by a continuously variable physical quantity. The word can refer to something that is analogous (as in an analog organ), but it is most often used to distinguish analog electronics from digital electronics like an analog computer or an analog clock.

Like our name, our ambition is to visualize your business with an interior analogue to an exterior world.

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Analogue Design

Our Services

Your Path to Success

is filled with hurdles that we'll help you overcome

IT Services

Your brand is a visual embodiment of your business and is unique to you. We believe your brand should be as unique as your business.

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Web Development

Make yourself future-proof. Maximum value to customers in terms of speedy development, excellent quality and on time delivery.

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Digital Products

Challenging to imagine life looking at the rate in which newer technology is being introduced in the market every other day right?

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Networking Devices

Analogue | Surveillance is committed to providing state of the art solutions in network security and connectivity, cloud based Intelligent surveillance systems and much more.

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Our all new service allows up and coming ecommerce websites to start their online business hassle-free. The process is simplified, from setup up to launch, without any programming knowledge!

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We offer a professional printing for any application you desire. We print all kinds of post card, wedding card, posters, visiting cards, brochure, leaflet, flyer and banners of different sizes.

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Online Store

Comprehensive Online Store

Technology has been taking over and you can only wish for a Vendor that delivers your favorite gadget to your doorstep. Until now, because Analogue Mall brings you a platform where you can shop your electronic needs and delivers it where you want. Amazing right? Check out our collection.


Let us take care of your computer setup because we can help you with what you need. From home setup to your office, Analogue Mall has you covered.


Whether you run a business or are a student, you need to work on the go. With that in mind, Analogue Mall brings you a series of laptops that suit your needs.

Printers & Scanners

Let Analogue Mall ink your thoughts onto paper and documents with our range of high quality printers & scanners from globally recognized brands.


Providing you with the state of the art solutions in network security and connectivity. You want to sleep safe & sound, & Analogue Mall is here to deliver that.


Complete your home computer setup, office desktop or your studio PC with a wide range of accessories that bring up the quality of life on your daily work.


The key to a learning platform

ScholarKeys comes with all in one ERP solution for your Educational Institutes that will reshape the teaching and learning experience.


Comprehensive Grading system allows the teachers to breakdown grades, categorize, add new grades, etc.


Innovative and modern feature that allows the students to view class works and home works via their devices.

Teachers & Staffs

List out your teachers and school staffs, categorize them and get detailed information personnel-wise.


Keep track of your students' history on their scores, attendance, overall performance, etc.


Assignments got an upgrade and now lets your students complete assignments much easier and faster.

Leosquad CRM

Empower your Squad

LeoSquad is your modern-day project management system that assists you to effective management and supervision over your projects and tasks. Engineered for excellence, not only it assists you with the task and project management but also helps you overview their progress status. It is an innovative way to stay updated with your team while keeping track of their progress. Also, keeping your payments & expenses, checked and balanced has never been this simplified.

Projects Tracking

Monitor all your tasks and assignments with ease.


Create cost estimation of your project and send it to your clients directly through LeoSquad.


It doesn’t matter how simple and professional your invoices is, because you can easily create and download Invoice from LeoSquad.


If any employee from your company is facing an issue with LeoSquad system, they can raise a ticket for their problems. And LeoSquad will get back to them.


Employees can clock-in and clock-out, right from their dashboard. And Admin can track the attendance of their team with ease.

Our Process

How We Work

Bring in your ideas, and we'll make them a reality

Research & Strategy

Before we do anything else, it is of the utmost importance for our field experts to conduct a thorough research to formulate a strategy that we can follow together. This process will allow us to see a clear path to our goals, how we can achieve them & how we will deal with hurdles that could come up in the future.

Analogue work
Production & Final Pass

This is where we put in all our heart and soul into fulfilling our clients' expectations, requests and everything else that we finalize during initial research. The production team work swiftly and in sprints, reaching each goal one step at a time. Once the production is at the final stages, it goes through multiple passes along with QA to make sure that the product is ready for the market.

Implementation & Follow-up

Your product is complete! But that doesn't mean we wrap things up and move on. We strategically market your product to make sure it reaches the maximum number of eyeballs. Then we follow up for months, making sure that you're hitting your targeted goals, and how we can enhance it further. The possibilities are endless, and we'll be prepared.

Our Products & Services

What We're Proud Of

These products are the perfect answer to your hurdles


Success Stories

Success is a two way street for us - we both deserve a win

  • Noblemale

    As we are newly established luxury brand, with a vision to expand our services all over Nepal. From the very start, Analogue Inc is working hard to take us to the Nepalese luxury market.

  • Regal Inc
    Regal Inc

    I have been working with Analogue Inc from the past 3 months. With their effective marketing strategy, our business has increased significantly.

  • Natraj Boutique
    Natraj Boutique

    Amazing branding strategy of Analogue Inc have transformed the way we do business. Which led to a considerable impact on our targeted market.

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